Kabi Nan US barbecue franchise from the national initiative; Kabi Nan US the barbecue chain Kabi De brewed beer, first brewed beer at the core, the main Brazilian barbecue, pizza, supplemented, western snacks, while fusionDS-brewed beer and the Brazilian barbecue culture based decoration environment, rich dishes, personalized se...【Details

      For large and medium-sized brewery full of beer production equipment: including raw material storage equipment, raw material grinding equipment, brewhouse, fermentation equipment, yeast propagation equipment, filtration equipment, filling equipment, CIP cleaning system, coding machine, labeling machine,sterilization systems, water treatment equipment, high concentration dilution equipment, bottle washer equipment, refrigeration systems, boilers, ...【Details

Barbeque (BBQ) this way of cooking, its roots in Columbus to the American continent earlier encountered indigenous nation, the nation called Arui Wacker family, is commonly known as Indians. Is indigenous ethnic beef salted string grilled the meat with a slow fire in the wood wilsonii, this is the first Brazilian barbecue.

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